Who Is Adrian “Butch” Anderson?

Born and raised in Dutchess County, Adrian “Butch” Anderson has been actively serving his community since 1970, when he was appointed Deputy Sheriff with the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office. Throughout his long and illustrious career, Butch has remained true to his roots as a vital member of his native Pawling and the greater Dutchess County community. 

In addition to serving 8 years as the Mayor of Pawling, Butch sits on many local Boards of Directors and has received countless awards from organizations across Dutchess County. Elected as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer for Dutchess County in 1999, Butch has risen to prominence as one of the leading law enforcement officials in the U.S. 

At the age of 38, a young Adrian “Butch” Anderson was told he needed open heart surgery or face certain death. His surgeon convinced Butch to allow him to perform a cutting edge experimental procedure. He was told that with conventional surgery, his chances for survival were barely 50/50. The new procedure had riskier odds but greater chances for survival if successful. Butch essentially allowed himself to be a “guinea pig” and elected to go with the experimental procedure. 

Upon waking up in the recovery room, Butch was greeted by the surgeon, who proudly proclaimed that the surgery was a great success and that he had saved Butch’s life. Eager to return home, Butch was told that all he had to do to be released from the hospital was walk up three steps – not three flights – three steps. An active young man, Butch naturally assumed he would accomplish this task and be on his way home – until he tried his first step. After many days of rehabilitation and hard work, Butch made it home to his comfortable recliner to recuperate. 

As a survivor of groundbreaking open heart surgery, The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at River Valley is proud to name their Cardiopulmonary Center for a big man, with a big heart – Adrian “Butch” Anderson.