• "It is truly an honor to work here. We strive to make your stay as comfortable as possible. With our 24 hour Concierge Service, if there is ever a problem, day or night, we are always ready to take care of it for you. It's refreshing to work in a facility that treats everyone as guests, not as patients. There is no doubt that in your stay here, you will achieve everything you are set out for and more!"Dana S.
    "The atmosphere here was so amazing that I almost forgot I was here for medical reasons. The difference between this facility and other healthcare facilities is quite apparent. They are extremely attentive here, not to mention the 24-hour concierge that’s always pleasant no matter what time of day or what the request happens to be. I will certainly be recommending this facility to all of my peers who need similar services."Frank P.
    "The staff was friendly, professional and courteous. The therapy department was excellent. "Doris Allenberg
    "The staff was considerate, compassionate and attentive. I would recommend this facility to anyone who has special health needs. I would return here if need be. I would like to thank the staff for being so caring and concerned for my health and well being. "J. Walker
    "The staff was considerate, compassionate and attentive. I would recommend this facility to anyone who has special health needs. I would return here if need be. I would like to thank the staff for being so caring and concerned for my health and well being. "J. Williams
    "Therapy was wonderful. "William Dearborn
    "Activities department I give a 10 plus. They didn't pressure you to do the activities and if you showed up late you could still attend. "Shannon T.
    "Everyone was wonderful and treated me like family. I made lots of friends while I was here. "Sheilah K.
    "The food was good."Jim J.
    "CNA's were very good, nice, helpful and considerate. Answered questions I had. The nurses were very nice, competent, also answered various questions I had. Therapy was great! Wouldn't have progressed without them. Stacy was also a great help. Overall I had a pleasant experience here. All of the staff were very nice, helpful and great for cheering me up when I wasn't so happy. I will also miss my roommate. It was a great pairing. Thanks to all."T.L.
    "I enjoyed my stay here. Thank you."John Gardang
    "She enjoyed her stay and the therapy department was great. Thank you."Child of Resident Dina Peria
    "Therapy department was excellent! Everyone was always smiling and made me feel welcomed. I will come back here again. Thank you."Jack Johnson
    "Everyone was very kind and answered all of the questions I had. I really enjoyed my therapy. I enjoyed my stay. Thank you!"Belinda E.
    "Thank you for taking very good care of her."D.A., Child of Resident
    "I really like it here and I enjoyed my stay. I will miss everyone."Liam C.
    "I enjoyed my stayed and if need be I would come back here again. Thank you!"Bill J.
    "Everyone was very nice to me. Thank you for everything."Helene Brown
    "The staff was great to me."Bill L.
    "At all times I felt welcomed by the staff. For the most part the staff was able to answer questions I had. "Glenna C.
    "The CNA's were very gentle and caring. Some would go out of their way to help. I learned a lot while I was here for rehab. "Bob Hollingsworth
    "I enjoyed my stay and therapy was great. The staff was very friendly. Thank you."Joanna Campos
    "Therapy was great. "Damon Quigley
    "Over all we were happy and PT was excellent."Wendell J.
    "The young man who transported me to dialysis did an Excellent job. Overall good experience. "Jared Burns
    "PT was excellent. Lovely and professional people."Liz B.
    "Everyone is so nice. "W.T.
    "Everyone is very pleasant and caring. My stay here so far has been great. "Candy Jackson
    "This is a good place to go if you need to go somewhere. I'm happy to be going home and that I'm able to be going on my trip. Thank you for all you have done for me. "D.D.
    "I enjoyed my stay here."L.G.
    "I enjoyed my stay."Jan C.
    "Lisa Miller, LPN, is excellent and an absolute sweetheart. "Joel S.
    "I like it here. "R. Stein
    "I really enjoyed everyone that works here and I will miss you all. Thank you."Jana H.
    "It's been a good place for my present needs. I appreciate all that was done for me. I will miss everyone I've worked with. Thank you!"Nina P.
    "I really enjoyed my stay here. "Jessa B.
    "The staff are very respectful and nice. "Laurie E.
    "I have no complaints. Everyone does a fine job."Eliana S.
    "I think my therapy is going great. Everyone in therapy is really nice."Rodrigo C.
    "I feel I had the best staff, like they were all hand picked for me. They were great. Tammy was the best CNA."J. Dannon
    "The food is great! You have some very good cooks here. "Bess L.
    "PT/OT was great. Thank you for all you do."Marisa R.
    "It was a great stay."Myrna B.
    "The food is great. "Jason B.
    "Everyone is doing an outstanding job. "J.T.
    "Thank you for being able to get me here so quickly from the other place. "Patty E.
    "Everyone was great. Happy to be going home. "R. Patterson
    "The girls are all really nice and hard workers."E.C.
    "All the staff I had contact with was really nice and good to work with. "J.S.
    "Just keep up the good work that everyone is doing."Chaz R.
    "The nursing staff and PT do a great job. Stephanie is a great CNA. I enjoyed having her as an aide. "Erica P.
    "Appreciate all - Understand the amount of pressure involved in caring for so many."L.W.
    "I'm hoping to come back when I get my other knee replacement done. Thank you."S.M.
    "I loved using the ipad."Jenna R. referring to The Grand iPad program.
    "The staff has been very nice and helpful. All of the staff does a great job. "Bernie F.
    "I would come back if need be. "T.S.
    "I am happy with everything. Very nice staff and everyone treated me good."D. Sartell
    "Erin was very helpful and informative. Nursing staff was great."A.B. (child of resident)
    "I was really happy here. Thank you!"T. Rowling
    "I really enjoy the nursing staff and PT department. But most of all I enjoy my naps."Connie D.