• "My stay was enjoyable with a lot of professional people."J. Zeitman
    "As a guest here, I could not have asked for anything better! Everyone working there was very friendly and cared about my rehab journey. I got to pick my own meals off a menu, and everything was delicious! Staying here helped me not only get back on my feet, but helped me become a better person! I recommend this healthcare facility for everyone!"Alice Y.
    "The therapy department was great. Victoria in Activities was wonderful. "D.L.
    "The staff in the kitchen are nice. "Josephine V.
    "The young women in therapy did an outstanding job! "J.K.
    "Very pleased with my stay. Everyone was very good and kind."Lila T.
    "Stanley in therapy was excellent. "Jeff K.
    "The staff was extremely helpful. "Hilda S.
    "The staff was excellent. Very friendly and very thoughtful. "John Williams
    "Valerie and Stan in PT went above and beyond with their therapy. Without them I wouldn't have improved to where I am now. The nurses controlled my pain as much as possible and I really appreciate it. "A.M.
    "I've already recommended this facility to another person."Daniel Friedman
    "Therapy staff was great. Nurses and aides were very caring and dedicated."John Z.
    "The staff were excellent to me. The entire staff were more like family."Rosie Germaine
    "The therapy program was wonderful. All the staff were very nice to me."S. Manner
    "I just want to say thank you all very much."Sandy McGrimes
    "Best staff ever!"C.G.
    "Staff was very friendly and helpful."Patricia Connolly
    "Everyone was wonderful!"K.R.
    "Therapy was good. They helped me walk again."B.G.
    "My nurses were great. "J.F.
    "I was completely satisfied. My congratulations to the staff for such an accomplishment. Everyone should get a shining star. "Zef Gjonag
    "I was completely satisfied. My congratulations to the staff for such an accomplishment. Everyone should get a shining star. "Z.G.
    "He also told us that we helped him to walk again."Wendy Decker (Director of Admissions) relays what Danny F. told her upon leaving The Grand
    "Very satisfied with medical care. "Anastasia Kline
    "Physical therapy was great!"Dana F.
    "I was very happy with Dave from dietary, he called all the time to ask what he liked to eat. Thank you all for everything!"I.E.'s Daughter
    "Everything was good. I got bored and someone was nice enough to bring me in books. I like the fact that you checked on me everyday."Chuck F.
    "Superior place to rehab my husband!"Wife of G.M.
    "You are all doing more than enough. "M.W.
    "Everyone was nice. Good food. "Sam K.
    "All the nurses and CNAs are great. "Stephanie Dannon
    "He loves the fact that the CNAs come and check on him what seems to be every 15 mins."Son of Resident Tim Jackson
    "Mr. M. stated he is very happy with the care and patience the staff has shown his wife. He is happy with the quick response time. The Grand has addressed any issues he has had. He came to me with an issue on Monday and it was brought to Paul's attention and Paul had it resolved the very next day. He just wants to say thank you. This wasn't an easy thing for his family. Placing his wife in a facility. He's glad he chose The Grand. They have done everything they've promised for her and they treat him and the family like family. He just wants to say thank you."Spouse of Resident M.M. as relayed to Concierge
    "He likes all the girls who come get him and take him out every day."Concierge relays comments by Resident C. Tommer
    "Two CNAs really stand out - Debra and Kay. They both have been very attentive and I just love them both. "T.M.
    "The Nurses and the CNAs were top notch. "S.D.
    "I would like to give PT and OT Department a 10+. They are truly everything that Victoria (concierge) said they were. They allowed me to get in and work at a fast but safe pace. They didn't hold me back and I'm so grateful to them. The nurses were friendly and attentive. Simone the social worker is Amazing and I can't forget your concierge. Every hospital should have one. She stayed on top of everything my whole stay. The iPad Program was fabulous. Thank You."T.Z.
    "PT was amazing. Stanley took the time to make me a lovely notebook of exercise for me to do when I get home. I met Victoria (concierge) and she worked things out for me. I felt safe when she came. She wasn't here when I got here but after I met her she brought a light to the building. Ude was very helpful with explaining everything and going through my records to help me understand all I've gone through. He was a blessing."Bryna C.
    "I want to marry the cook. Good food, very good. Everyone is very good to me here. Very nice. Just happy when I can get back home. Very nice. "F. Braga
    "Very kind and generous."W.L.
    "I'm so grateful for the nurse manager. He really worked hard for me and my wife. "R.H.
    "Everything was fine. Great staff all around."Gene F.
    "Very happy. I have the perfect roommate. Thank you."B.F.
    "People are very pleasant. Lovely staff. "Tammi V.
    "Staff was very nice. The meals were good and it was a very nice stay. I did have a Grand experience. I loved all the nurses and Debbie on night shift, she "Carrie Rosen
    "The nurses and the CNAs were great and the concierge and the activities department were good as well. "E.K.
    "I got all the help I needed and then some."Kenny R.
    "PT and OT are great. "Benny D.
    "Excited about learning to use an iPad. I was so amazed that I can see them when we talk. I'm getting therapy which is going well. "G.B.
    "I'm so happy with the respect and love they show not just to me but to my family. We have been through a lot and to have people show you true kindness is a blessing. I want to thank all of the nurses and the CNAs. They do things that just warms my heart and thank you for letting my family share meals with me. That means so much. Everyone here has been. Exactly why your name is GRAND. "T. Guthrie
    "PT program is everything promised and more. They are so wonderful. "Deanna P.
    "Mrs. Carson is very pleased with the care her husband is receiving. She is very impressed with Don. He always takes time to answer all her questions and that's so nice when you get an answer without the runaround. "Wife of C. Carson
    "Mrs. Cramer is very pleased. She's very happy with Don in PT. He always answers all her questions. He never blows her off and that means a lot. "Wife of Carl Cramer (as relayed to Concierge)
    "I am just so happy to be back here, it's so nice to be somewhere and you know that the staff cares about you and your feelings. Those days at the hospital all I kept telling my granddaughter, I can't wait to go back to the Grand. The staff are so good to me."M. Edwards
    "This is a very happy place."A. H.
    "I am very pleased at the fact of every promise that Erica made to me was kept. That means a lot when people keep their word so I want to thank her. "Jim C.
    "I Love those Grandwiches."Callie R.
    "My roommate gets a 5. Everyone here was top shelf and Victoria you came in everyday to say if you don't use it you'll lose it. Get out of that bed and get moving. You can do it. Come on get up. The nurses and aides, thank you all so much. The PT department was great, thank you. Just great all the way around. Thanks everyone."Chad M.
    "The therapy and activities were wonderful, very friendly, very helpful, they always knew exactly who you were. Victoria, you know everyone, you say hello to everyone. You checked on me every day. I never met any administrators until Jim Connolly came. He was so helpful to me. I got to know Michelle in finance. "Lacey S.
    "I am so impressed with the therapy team. I've been in a lot of pain so it's been hard for them but they come into the room and work with me. That means a lot to me. It shows how committed they are to help.I want to hank Paul for making sure I got the right channel to watch the World Series. Everyone really tries to go out of their way to make me comfortable and that gentleman who works with me in therapy is the best. I haven't felt this way in a long time. I actually feel like I'm going to be okay. "Denny T.
    "I am happy with the therapy and the way all the people here treat me good. Very respectful. They don't mind answering your questions. I thank Vickie for always helping with everything. "J.V.
    "I really liked my stay here, everyone was so nice to me and I had a good stay."Jules V.
    "I was enrolled in the iPad program and it keeps me entertained. "R.G.
    "The food is great. That homemade soup is as good as Victoria said it was, kiss the cook."Greg A.
    "I'm very happy so far with the care, I have no complaints but I do want to say thank you to all the nurses and CNAs for being so kind and the therapeutic team for their hard work. "Jamie B.
    "Everyone here is very pleasant, the staff works very hard. "Petra J.
    "I want to recognize the entire physical therapy department, they were excellent. "Sally A.
    "The food was very good. My favorite housekeeper was Liza, she is always nice to the guests. This is one of the best skilled rehabilitation centers I've been in compared to the other ones. I had a good stay. "Jasper M.
    "I had an excellent stay. I've got my strength back. PT was amazing."D. Thorngreen
    "I had a wonderful stay, too bad it was under these circumstances but it was GRAND."Betty L.
    "I've never made friends so fast, everyone is genuinely caring and helpful."T.B.
    "I love the place. P.T. was great. I've gone to a few in the past, this team was the best hands down. "M.E.
    "My stay was good. Everyone treated me good here. Thank you all for all you did. "D.C.
    "Wanted to change my room. They did it without a problem which was very nice, very accommodating for the guest. "Arlina G.
    "Everything that needs to be done you've done so far."E.N.
    "She was very pleased with everyone and she was so grateful for all the kindness she was shown while she was here, however she can't wait to get home to her cats. The physical therapy team was simply wonderful and they all had such patience with all the residents. Thank You, Everyone, for a Grand Stay."Ruth D.H. (as conveyed to concierge)
    "Thanks for the Ipad. It really was nice."Kitty C.
    "Thank you for the guest trays. Mom couldn't try a Grandwich but we got to try one time, it was delicious and if she could eat it she would have loved it. Thank you all again for all you've done not just for Mom but for our family. Everyone here has been so supportive of Mom and our Family. They always make sure we're ok and that's such a blessing, we know this is it but the support you all give makes this so much easier for us, we just want to Thank Everyone."Son of Kathleen G.
    "The therapy team gets a 9, they are the best and the housekeeper gets a 7, she is so much more than just a housekeeper. She's always so considerate."G.S.
    "This is the most I've seen her eat in months. As conveyed to concierge: Surprised when she came in how perky and alert she is. Abby looks so good and she's in such good spirits. Thank you all so much."Child of Abby Bingham
    "You're doing a good job and the girls are so sweet. All the girls have been so sweet to me. I'm very pleased with the services I receive here. "N.P.
    "Mr. Harlin is very pleased with his care and states his stay thus far is as promised Grand! Everyone has been great. He had some concerns about what will happen to him when he is discharged. I have already spoken with our social workers, they will be reassuring him that things will be fine. He will be joining our iPad program. "As relayed to the Concierge by resident Ray Harlin
    "Everyone has been good to me especially those therapy people. "A.D.
    "I tried the Grandwich and the homemade soup, it was everything Victoria promised it would be. Very impressive, hats off to the cook. "Esther G.
    "The girl who cleans my room is very nice. She always talks to me and gets me laughing. Tell her thank you and please keep coming. I look forward to her coming in every day. "Ralph P.
    "You have some fantastic staff, my first night Joe took such good care of me. I would have left if it had not be for him the first night. The girls, CNAs and Nurses all were just so good to me. PT department they have the patience of Job! Just all the way around Grand Stay."E.S.
    "PT was Great."Mark B.
    "When I first got here I was angry that I had to be here. I thank Stanley for all the supportive talks. The staff was great, the food was really good. I gained a few pounds. I had a good stay. "E.G.
    "My stay has been excellent, they treat me like GOLD."R,G.
    "Very happy, they are very accommodating, they do what ever I ask without complaint. "R. Harris
    "Son is very pleased as to how well his mom looks and also stated everyone is very nice. They did a good job in answering all the questions he had. "Son of J.C. as relayed to concierge
    "Everyone here has been great! The girls are taking good care of me, I have no complaints. "Ryan G.
    "The food is very good. "George J.
    "My stay was fabulous for the most part, the food was good, staff very nice to me. Everyone here worked so hard to get me back to North Carolina to be near my dying mother. I sure appreciate all the hard work that went into it. I just have to Thank You all, and your concierge is really something special, she's done everything she ever promised she'd do right do to coming in this morning to pack and weigh my bags for the plane, thank you."Don S.
    "The food here is very good."Vita M.
    "The food tastes good. The girls are taking good care of us, they fuss over us all day and it's very nice. We have also made it possible for them to share a room which has brought him such joy. They will be married 70 years in August and this was the first time they have been apart for more than 7 days. We are GRAND, so proud to be a part of keeping a couple together. "J. Cramen and the Guilderland concierge
    "It was very nice, everyone did their jobs, I have been to other facilities to visit and this one was Great compared to what I've seen. The staff were all so welcoming and kind to me and my wife. Everyone should have a concierge, it made a difference. "R.Z.
    "I had a happy time here, I enjoyed my stay. "G.O.
    "The food is good. That was the best chicken pot pie I've ever had. "Arnie C.
    "Just happy they had a bed for me, it's my 3rd time back here. I love the staff and the food, everyone takes good care of me."C.R.
    "Everyone was nice. If ever I need rehab I always come here at The Grand, they always treat me good I have no complaints."Cami R.
    "I want to thank everyone for working with me to get my mother transferred near me. It was so good to know she was in such loving hands. You all did good by my mother and I Thank You for all the help, you are a good facility. If I lived in this area this is where I'd want her to stay Just Thank You. I am L.M.'s niece and all I can say is Thank You the Nurses, CNAS, housekeepers, dietary, Social Workers, Finance, Mel Hitt, Admissions, laundry, maintenance, receptionist and the Biggest Thank You goes to Ms. Erica. Because of her and the job she does that made it possible for my Aunt to be Blessed to come to The Grand. Just Thank You for doing what you do Thank You! She is safe and cared for here at The Grand, never once has the family come and she did not look Well Cared for Thank You."L.M.
    "The nursing staff, CNAs and the housekeeper have been marvelous. They do my therapy at bed side. I can lift my arm above my head and wiggle my fingers."Gerard F.
    "Everyone has treated me well, they check on me constantly. It's nice here. I'm comfortable, being treated well. "Jon B.
    "It was a good stay."J. Sleizak
    "My sister looks good, she seems well cared for. "Mia C.
    "They treat me GREAT."W.B.
    "The staff was excellent."Dick R.
    "I requested the Grand, I was here before and my wife is here."C. Bird
    "The girls on day shift are fantastic. The housekeeper is amazing. "Carey B.
    "I came, I saw, I accomplished my goal and then some, PT was amazing. Thank You all. "B.B.
    "My stay was good, they treated me well, they made sure I got everything I needed. I want to go home yet I'm sad about it at the same time. "T. Brick
    "I had exactly what Victoria promised, a Grand Stay. LOVED THE IPAD PROGRAM."J. Brange
    "Ms. Concierge corrected each problem as they arose she quickly addressed them. So you can say I had a good stay and thanks for the iPad. "J. Sherling
    "I was here before and I really liked it, so I wanted to come back here to get therapy."G.D.
    "I work in healthcare and I want your bosses to know how great the staff is her from the front door to the back of the building. Not one person here has done anything but try to accommodate me in what ever I've asked for, that iPad program is amazing what a blessing to the residents. One more thing the concierge is so needed in every facility it allows the nurses and CNAs to do their jobs and yet she meets all the in between I am very impressed with the programs you have in place hope it catches on around the region. "Doris P.
    "Everything and everyone has been good to me and my family. "D.G.
    "Angel, Yolanda and Tracy, Carla and Erica all need shining stars my stay was good and every promise that Erica made was kept. "Carla D.
    "I want the bosses to know they have a great team of workers they have been so kind to me I especially enjoy the housekeeper Liza she spends time talking to me every day and her talking to me means the world to me it may seem small but it means so much to me. I wasn't sure about coming to The Grand at first Erica came in and talked to me she promised me I'd be okay and Victoria would take good care of me I've had such a great experience here everyone has treated me so kind the staff truly cares. "Kevin C.
    "I really like my room it's nice I can think clear in it when I got sick the nurse Katlyn was good to me she did a good job taking care of me I want to say thank you to her I'm happy here. "D.R.
    "We are pleased with the care she's receiving they love the iPad so she gets to watch Mother Angelica every one has been extra nice and willing to accommodate her and her needs. "E.J. (child of resident)
    "Everyone is wonderful and I'm pleased with my care. "Desiree R.
    "I had a great time here at The Grand @Guilderland I loved staff everyone was really good to me Thanks everybody "Dean R.
    "My stay was fine short and nice PT and OT were Great the nurses were good as well as the CNAs they are very hard workers everyone was nice and thanks for take me out to get my nails done "Denise T.
    "My stay has been going good."Michele R.
    "I was here before and wanted to return. "Gina D.
    "Everything is going alright no complaints. "A.L.
    "I had a good stay my sister is gonna do the online stuff thank you all and remember Jesus Loves You and so do I"G. Brown
    "Erica [hospital liaison} came to see me every day. "R. Keebler
    "The girls on day shift take good care of me and the two male nurses I miss them when they go home at 3. "R, Weiss
    "No the staff is pretty patient especially therapy staff. I'm grateful for everyone who has helped and treated me with compassion. "Carolina N.
    "I've been here and will always come back. "M. K.
    "I was very satisfied with everything. Staff was amazing."Marla K.
    "Everyone was great way better than the last place. I'm going home with everything I need. The social workers are Angels. "Susan D.
    "I had a fantastic visit. I'm so glad I came to see for myself. The staff was a step above great THERE IS NO OTHER PLACE BUT THE GRAND! Sherry and her partners in therapy were the best, I'm up I'm moving I'm eating I feel great thanks everyone and the night shift was great too the nurse the tall skinny one treated me like royalty I'd recommend this place to The President of The United States "C. W.
    "No complaints I am a nurse and I am very pleased with the services I received. Staff is great PT is amazing "M.M.
    "It was good."R. H.
    "It was pretty good. I got the help I needed to get home and stay home. "Helga T.
    "When I have to come in for long term can I please come back here my stay was good the people here really made me feel loved and cared for like a real family. "V.N.
    "It was good therapy was great I like the go to girl Vickie my wife loves her"John L.
    "The people are wonderful, my wife is happy, I'm getting good care."Ted R,
    "Omar is the greatest nurse."I. S.
    "If you need to get therapy this is the place to come they are fabulous. I even requested to stay a few extra days to make sure I was ready to go home safely which was a shock for me cause I always want to go home but the staff here made me so welcome."Leanne D.
    "My stay has been excellent the staff is so so attentive and gentle always trying to help and do their best for the residents. I'm so happy I was assigned here. The Administrator made me feel like a million bucks when eh came down to meet me."M.H.
    "It's been very good not a complaint in the world about the Grand. I couldn't have picked a better place to get my rehab services thanks."J. Marchand
    "The staff are such good people, I have no complaints just miss being home. "B.T.
    "I'm very pleased, it's been so good the food, the CNAs, the Nurses, Simone and of course Vickie made a great impact on me. I promise to come back to visit thanks so much."J.H.
    "You have excellent staff, they are really a good group of people."R.M.
    "My stay was great I really enjoyed it"Helen S.
    "I can not even begin to say how pleased I am, how impressed I am with the staff and the way they treat the residents is so amazing the patients they have with them even when they yell at them they remained calm the food was great it was exactly what I was promised and then some. Grand Stay"M. O'Mally
    "Very peaceful and healing."Esma M.
    "Aide are good to me. I'm so happy I'm starting to eat again. "C. M.
    "I feel like family. It's like one big family. I got lost a few times and someone always helps me. I really don't ask too many questions except when I get lost and they always help me find my way. Oh I sleep like a baby. I don't remember everything I've done in there but the girls are nice to me. "John D.
    "I do pt like I want the staff is nice I know I snap a lot but please tell them it's the pain I'm in that make me grumpy and I'm sorry they are all really good to me and I'm grateful to them"J. Cannon
    "My stay was pretty good the therapy team got me up and moving they did an amazing job I'm so grateful the staff all around was good I've had a Grand Stay as Victoria promised "Charlie G.
    "PT was excellent. Pt gets a Big Fat 10+."K. R.
    "I think things are going well"J. M.
    "The staff is pleasant and they work hard even when they're short they get the job done."Dave D.