Yosef Spierer

Yosef Spierer, administrator at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Pawling, has been with The Grand since its inception. A graduate of Baruch College who spent a year studying abroad, Yosef has a degree in digital marketing with a minor in psychology and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in healthcare administration. His passion for technology is equaled only by his love for helping others and he was able to combine those two pursuits as the architect of The Grand’s groundbreaking iPad program. A long time volunteer with his synagogue’s youth program, Yosef’s trademark sense of humor always leaves our Grand guests and staff smiling from ear to ear.

Divya Reddy Siddam
Director of Rehabilitation

Director of Rehabilitation Divya Reddy Siddam has been with The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Pawling since 2009. Divya, who began her career pursuing physical therapy in India, came to the United States in 2006. She completed a master's in kinesiology at the University of Central Oklahoma and then moved to New York. Divya takes tremendous pride in being part of The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing family and leading the facility's dedicated rehabilitation team. 

Josephine Cramer
Director of Admissions
Josephine Cramer has worked her way up through the ranks at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Pawling. She began her longstanding career in housekeeping in 2002. She subsequently became Director of Medical Records, Director of Housekeeping and now Director of Admissions. Josephine sure knows her way around The Grand! She is admired throughout the facility for her dedication, dependability, knowledge and compassion and we are looking forward to many more years with Josephine leading the way. Josephine enjoys camping with her husband and son and she directs a local community marching band.

Frank Angelico
Director of Maintenance

A two year employee at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Pawling, Frank Angelico is the facility's Director of Maintenance. Frank enjoys working with people and brightening their day and has been volunteering for a Bronx little league team for the last 25 years.

Aimee Burton

Aimee Burton, Dietitian at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Pawling, has been a registered Dietitian for over 20 years, spending the last four of those years with us at The Grand.  Aimee graduated from Marshall University with a bachelors in Dietetics and a masters in Family and Consumer Sciences Nutrition.  Aimee, a former adjunct professor of nutrition at Northern Colorado University, currently teaches at the Culinary Institute of America and has developed and implemented weight loss programs at several facilities.

Christina Meehan
Director of Recreation

Christina Meehan is the Director of Recreation at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Pawling. She began her career in health care 21 years ago as a certified nursing assistant, making the move into recreation four years later. An activity director for the past 11 years, Christina joined The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing in December 2014 where she pursues her personal mission of bringing moments that last a lifetime to both guests and their families.