• "I recently stayed here for a rehab program, and I was blown away at how great it was. I am a skeptical person and I was not too eager in the beginning, but I quickly came around. Everyone working there was so attentive to all my needs, and they treated me with such care! The Concierge would always ask me how I am feeling today, and he actually cared about my response. Thank you for everything."Ruth H.
    "Working on my health has never been so pleasurable! I would never have imagined that physical rehabilitation could actually be fun. The staff at this location was pleasant and helpful and I am confident that their positive energy contributed to my success. I felt like I was on a vacation rather than rehab. It seems like everywhere in this place is comfortable. I couldn’t imagine a better place to work on my health."Janice T.
    "I felt that the physical therapy and the rehab team as a whole were one of the best and kindest that I ever came across. In general, all of the staff were very kind. I know it's a tough job, but I really had a positive experience. "Henry D.
    "The therapy is off the chain. I love it. "John Spano
    "I would recommend this place to an obese person. They go all out. I loved the soups! The CNAs are super girls. So kind and sweet. They go overboard for you. They are dedicated women. "Karen Palmieri
    "This was my second time here. I looked forward to it. I was glad this facility was on the list of facilities covered by my insurance. I have been going out weekly to see my doctor for the wounds on my feet. He was very pleased with the wound care. The doctor said the staff had done a good job with it. This week he even smiled when looking at my feet."Lynn O'Neil
    "I really enjoyed my stay in The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing - 5 stars. The personnel and the nurses were excellent. The food I enjoyed very much. Also the activities in the activity room and the therapy was profitable for me. Thank you again."Mary K.
    "The staff in general is exceptional."W.F.
    "The staff was great. Very nice people."R.C.
    "Care is very good and quick. Therapy is excellent, always polite and caring."L.L.
    "Elegant cuisine."Shari Lavarro
    "All rehab staff very good and helpful."Wife of R.S.
    "The aides here at the Grand are wonderful, they work hard. I also would like to say that the iPad program is great especially for residents that are confined to bed or unable to get out of room. It kept me in touch with my family and friends, and also let me do research for my own health. "D.P.
    "Extremely nice people. Everyone's respectable and get along with each other."T.A.
    "It was a rough first day, but then I fell in love."H.P.
    "Grateful for assistance from the staff at The Grand at Pawling."Rick K.
    "I would like to thank the rehabilitation department for the help and understanding. Also, Debbie, Gwen and Abiba were wonderful, as well as Sharon and Nicola."A.S.
    "Sandra Danzi is invaluable to your company. Christina (activities) and staff, Sue, Madison, Denea, Alyssa are creative and fun loving on all levels of care. Thank you for your care in times of crisis (fractured hips right and left)."Ella C.
    "Thank you for all the care and compassion during my stay."S.A.
    "The food is great. The staff are assisting with all my needs."F. Salza
    "The staff is very helpful. I'm comfortable and my stay here is going very well. "M.A.
    "I have no complaints - all of my needs are being met. I really appreciate having use of an iPad. I just started therapy - it is going very well so far."T. Sharp
    "I really enjoy the activities. The music is great and I like watching some of the residents sing and dance. My aides are always very helpful. "Lenny C.
    "I was satisfied with my stay here at The Grand."Sherry A.
    "The Grand at Pawling has helped me learn a lot about myself and I have met wonderful people here. At first I thought it was going to be hard being that I am the youngest one here, but I was wrong. They are welcoming."Gianna C.
    "Aides are very helpful. They come quickly when I ring the call bell. If they can't assist me at that moment, they'll reply with "I will be right back to help you". The food is very good."Marianna V.
    "I am very comfortable here. "Andy P.
    "The aides are very helpful and my stay here has been good. "W. Harrington
    "I am enjoying my stay here at The Grand. I'm very comfortable. "Jed S.
    "I really enjoy the live music and I am comfortable here. "G. Anza
    "I'm happy to get transportation to see my sister and able to use my electric wheelchair. "R. Tranning
    "They have great activities here. The people are friendly."Sal T.
    "Excellent CNA's especially Nicola, Sharon and Nicole. Very good therapy, great activities. Sandy and Angie are wonderful. "L.B.
    "The food is good. The Aides are helpful. The room is kept clean. I have been here before and my stay here is comfortable. "Hank P.
    "I am comfortable here. Everything is good. "W.P.
    "The food and physical therapy is good."Van S.
    "Everything is going well. I am very comfortable. "Melanie R.
    "I am comfortable. Everyone is very nice to me. "A. Hart
    "The staff was very nice. "P.M.
    "I was taken care of very well. "S. O'Brien
    "The care at The Grand was good."Bruce P.
    "It's nice that I can see and talk to my grandkids and son with FaceTime."W. Lytle (referring to The Grand's iPad program)
    "The staff is wonderful. Very nice place to be for care. "M.M.
    "Everyone is so nice. I have been taken care of so kindly. This is a great place to come to for physical therapy. "Ariel W.
    "Everything is going well. I am comfortable here at The Grand. Therapy is helpful. "Ruby S.
    "I would recommend this facility to others."Claire W.
    "I look forward to face timing with my family. I'm happy this is available for me to do. "Harry M.[referring to the Grand iPad program]
    "The staff is helpful. My mom is well taken care of. "S.B.
    "Very nice place. Everyone was helpful. "T.W.
    "The food is good. Better than other rehabilitation facilities. "Sonia B.
    "The food is good. Physical Therapy is good. I am very comfortable. "C. Goodling
    "I am quite comfortable. "Giovanni R.
    "Physical Therapy staff are excellent!"M.H.
    "It's a nice place to be in for physical therapy. I'm so happy I was able to get my hair done! (color and cut). It made me feel so much better. "Marcia S.
    "Everything is going well. I am very comfortable. The staff is wonderful. "
    "Everything is going well. I am comfortable here at The Grand.Therapy is very helpful."R.S.
    "Transportation is great. Got me to my appointment and back. "Frank R.
    "I really enjoyed having the IPAD. Everything went well. "C.T.
    "Physical Therapy was excellent. Very helpful. "S.R.
    "I am comfortable here. "C.C.
    "Physical Therapy was excellent. The food was great. My stay was comfortable. "A.E.
    "I want to thank the nurses and the staff that took care of me when I really needed it, and also PT and OT. I want to thank you (concierge)."Dena W.
    "Transportation was great. They took me to my appointments and back. "R.F.
    "PT has helped tremendously."Gerry D.