Michael Hurtes
Acting Administrator
The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Queens Acting Administrator Michael Hurtes has been enamored with the nursing home field since his high school days and has served on many related committees as well as on several young leadership committees. Most recently he was the Acting Administrator for The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at River Valley. A native of Long Island, Michael has a passion for interacting with others and now lives in Queens with his wife Dassie and two daughters.

Theda Burell
Director of Nursing

Theda Burrell is the Director of Nursing at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Queens. Educated at Adelphi University, she earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing and a Master of Science in nursing administration. Theda began her career as a Med-Surg nurse and then moved on to a specialty in geriatrics. Passionate about patient advocacy, the importance of interdepartmental cooperation and team building as a means of patient satisfaction, Theda has devoted the last two decades to serving the geriatric population, working as both an MDS coordinator and Director of Nursing.