• "As a guest at this healthcare facility, I could not have asked for anything better! Everyone working there was very friendly and cared about my rehab journey. I got to pick my own meals off a menu, and everything was delicious! Staying here helped me not only get back on my feet, but helped me become a better person! I recommend this healthcare facility!"Alice Y.
    "Who knew a healthcare center can feel like a hotel? It’s wonderful! The 24-hour concierge was always there to help with a smile. The room I stayed in was not only visually appealing but amazingly comfortable. Although everyday was a long day toward building my health back, the staff and surroundings here made me feel upbeat and determined to get better. I couldn’t have chosen a better place to do this and I recommend this facility to anyone needing an uplifting health restoration experience."Michael S.
    "It is full of professional and happy people. "Jacquie K.
    "Thank you - you all have been helpful, just what I needed! "Lydia G.
    "The staff is a dynamic team. Thank you for all your love and support!"Brody Family
    "The staff is wonderful...we had a great experience."Anita Perry
    "It's a beautiful place. I definitely recommend it...the best!"Erica Ventrico
    "Great staff that promotes a healthy environment. "Victor Kahn
    "My rehab was my largest concern, and it has been very successful. "Eileen Glassberg
    "Very satisfied and happy with my stay at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing Rehab Center and will recommend family members and friends to come and visit the center. "Kevin Raguso
    "I was very happy in here. My aids were the best, caring and sweet and always helpful. Everyone in here was nice. My physical therapist was awesome in all ways. The therapy he gave me was excellent and a very sweet man. Loved him. Loved my aids. People at the front desk were nice and helpful and the nurses were awesome. Very clean here. My room, my bed, everything was great. Also the girl that wheeled me down to therapy was very nice. Forgot - my caseworker was excellent, very sweet and helpful. "Charlene Landers
    "I like it here. I've been here before and there is no other place I would have returned to. "Maria Castellano
    "I loved this place, everyone helped me. It was excellent. I'm going to miss everyone. Thank you so much."Jenny Lawlor
    "Thank you so much."A. Ferrazi
    "Keep up the good work. "Heide F.
    "All staff responded well to my needs. I loved it here. Congratulations for great system."Hailey Peterson
    "I want to thank all of the staff here at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing for taking care of me so well. A special thank you to Cameus for being an amazing human being! She will be missed! Michael for always being on top of my meds even though I didn't like when he poked me with needles. To Nico always made me laugh. Marlon and Chusan for pushing me to do myself in Physical Therapy to make me understand in order to feel better and go home I will have to push myself! A heart felt thank you! I really enjoyed the Hawaiian Show! Before I forget Giselle is another amazing, respectful, funny, and gets to know you quickly! Thank you Giselle! Thank you for all the love and care I had here! A big thank you to Charlene and The girls in the first 2 offices on the lobby level!"C. Leon
    "Throughout my stay at the Grand, I was very impressed with the staff. The level of dedication to their jobs is very high. The aides with whom I came in contact were friendly, capable and hard-working. I watched as they tended to more demanding residents with understanding and patience. The nurses assigned to me are excellent. They're professional, sympathetic, reassuring and very qualified to carry out a difficult job. Rachel is multi-talented. She wears many hats, and from my viewpoint, excels in all of them. She's intense, intelligent, persevering and understanding. Jesse is a most compassionate, dedicated nurse who gives all to her patients. She has warmth and knowledge of people which helps her deal so effectively with her patients. She's a valuable asset to any nursing department. "Lila A.
    "I was here before, it's a nice please, that's why I came back. "Ellen R.
    "Wonderful and supportive staff."Paula Richter
    "Thanks for everything."A.T.
    "Everyone was great, thanks!"Fred Singletary
    "Therapy staff was great."A.C.
    "James nurse very nice, help me a lot of times for anything, took care of my dad. Therapy person Sam very good took care of my dad very well. Thanks to him. Nurse aide Walker very nice, took care of my dad. Thank you very much."H.M.
    "I thank all the staff for their help and kindness. Thumb's up for the therapy division!"
    "I really appreciated the care and compassion I received from my stay at The Grand. The nurses and aids were very kind and considerate to all of my needs, always courteous and concerned about my needs. I would recommend this rehab to all who want the best care and clean environment. Thank you all."H.H.
    "Was enjoyable and pleasant overall."K. Christensen
    "My social worker was very helpful with my stay."Penelope Richter
    "I appreciate everyone for showing me love, care and concern. I will always be eternally grateful!"M.P.
    "The workers here were wonderful!"Shelley Kaplan
    "Thank you for all your help."Vicky Sanford
    "I am definitely going to recommend The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing to everyone. You really care!"Carol C.
    "I was very pleased with the care and physical therapy."Herbert Schmidt
    "I hate to leave, I love this place!"Ron Greene
    "I highly recommend The Grand Healthcare System in all ways, the place where you get the best care medically and physically."
    "Erik demonstrated exemplary skills in establishing rapport with us and exceeded my expectations in addressing our needs. A big thank you to Erik. "Gerri Gallo
    "I really liked this place. I'm just moving to be closer to my son."Mike O'Leary
    "The staff and therapists are great."J. Rosen
    "I did very good, thank you."H. Chang
    "The therapy was excellent, the staff was very caring. I'll miss you all and Thank You!"Lily D.
    "Freddie was excellent, Jenny was very helpful and Princess was very helpful too and took good care of me. "Toni Sartano
    "Our family was extremely pleased with the care provided to my mom during this stay. We appreciated the professionalism, respect and careful attention. We would highly recommend this wonderful center to anyone. Most importantly, Erik Gonzalez was awesome!!"June Bitalo
    "The Grand Healthcare facility is very well run, and the staff was very helpful and friendly."David Green
    "Nurses very friendly and attentive. Erik's support most excellent. "Enid Wagner
    "First floor staff was very professional and caring. Eric Gonzalez was very helpful and informative. PT was very efficient. "Cathy Stein
    "Services were excellent, excellent care for my parents. Erik has been very exceptional providing answers to all of our questions. Thank You to all. "Child of Residents Y.Y. and E.Y.
    "Sincerely blessed to have my mother at this center. The entire staff have been amazing, incredible, and beyond professional. I can't thank you enough for my mom's recovery!"Iris P.
    "I was here last month and everything was good."M.W.
    "I was very satisfied and glad to have stayed."Leora Jennings
    "Thank you so much. She is very happy."Child of Resident S.D.
    "My mother was very well taken care of. We are very happy. Thank You."Child of J.T.
    "Everything was Excellent!"L.S.
    "Everyone here is fantastic."Barry G.
    "The entire staff at the Grand has been very helpful and attentive since I arrived. Everyone really cares about the patients here. "B.M. (comments upon entering the facility)
    "The staff of the Grand are professional and caring. I would recommend this facility to my friends and family. "B.M. (comments upon leaving the facility to go home)
    "The entire staff was GREAT! Everyone was professional. I enjoyed my stay here."Jill R.
    "Erik, social worker, very helpful."H.A.
    "Everyone is wonderful."J.R.
    "I want to say this place has been the best. "R.M.
    "Everything has been great. "Louie S.
    "Therapy Sessions, OT & PT were excellent! Speech Therapists were excellent! Nurses, Aides and Andrew from the kitchen were excellent. Erik, Jasmine, and Charlene were always helpful and all of the staff downstairs were pleasant and helpful to Vivian, Thank You!"Parent of Resident Vivian.S.
    "The nurses were wonderful."Gary M.
    "Everyone has been great!"A.A.
    "I feel very comfortable. Thank you."M.K.
    "The girls are very nice. "Rhonda Narconi
    "Thank you for all your help and all the nurses on the floor. "S.W.
    "We want to thank everyone. I met Denise when we first came in and she was very helpful and said to me you're in good hands, Jean is with your Dad. Charlene on the next day was so nice anything we need let me know-Eric was also so nice and friendly. Everyone was so friendly, nurses, aides PT, Dr's. (I can't remember everyone's name) Jeremy was very good with my Dad. "F.V.
    "The staff is very pleasant. The physical therapists are wonderful, very helpful and motivating! Thumbs up!!! The food is very good and the coffee is terrific."Amy Bellager
    "Everything has been great. Staff are very friendly and caring. "K.B.
    "Good services. Thank you to all the therapists who helped me and the nurses and assistants. Did a great job and were helpful."G. Sienna-Quinlan
    "No complaints, only compliments!"Chris B.
    "The therapist by the name of Safie was excellent and also the therapist named Lady. They were my two therapists. "B.S.
    "Therapy department I found outstanding, not only to me but to everyone! Erik/caseworker is always there for you, willing to help in any way he can. "Lanie T.
    "I'm going to try my best to accurately describe my stay at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing center. Upon my arrival, which was a day later than planned, I was hit in the face with the fresh smell of flowers, potpourri, and cinnamon. I was extremely happy about that because most nursing home scents are unbearable. Rolling on the stretcher going towards my room the vibrant colors and sound of music welcomed me. I wasn't expecting three other roommates, but after getting to know them we became family. The Executive Chef (Andrew), he did his best to make sure the food was great. Andrew actually changed my plate if I didn't like it and the kitchen accommodated me when I desired another serving! The dietitian and nutritionist were very kind making sure I had the proper food on my plate. The recreational staff, especially Leonie & Vashti, was extremely kind; the activities were also engaging as well as fun. I had a special connection with a lot of the staff, so I didn't have any laundry issues. My room was clean and free of odors. Let's talk about the staff! I will give a special shout out to my favorite staff members who went above and beyond for me and the other residents regardless of their issue; most importantly they remained even-tempered despite the emotional roller coaster of the residents. All of the following staff members were kind, funny, caring and fast. Singh (the medicine man), Norma, Leonie, Rachel, Gibby, Nikella, Grace, Pryce, Prince, J. Kaur, P. Kaur, Tinzin, Lanka, David, Ashwar, Lourdes, Frank, Lady, Saphie, Clark, Thelma, Marina, Veronica, Ferdinand, Maria, Nicole, Andrew, Sophie (the dog), Dr. Singh, Dr. Win, Amy, and Charlene. I want to thank you for making my journey to recovery possible. You encouraged me when I was down and you pushed me when I wanted to just lay in bed all day. By the way the physical and occupational therapy staff were excellent, I would rate them an A-. "E. Law
    "Thank You All."Nora G.
    "Therapy team were wonderful. Especially Jeremy! Thank you to all of the staff. Everyone tries to give great care."Soon C.
    "Ms. Jones, Ms. Walker, Nancy from therapy were very helpful and caring. Jenny and Ms. Tang were great as well. Yolanda and Ms. Choi too."Marion P.
    "Norma (CNA) and Genevive (CNA) gave my husband excellent care. Nurse staff was excellent. Singh, Kaur, Pushwinder, Judy, David. All the staff was caring and helpful during this difficult time. Charlene was very helpful and on top of all of our concerns. "Wife of J.C.
    "Everyone has been very nice."C.U.
    "I want to say a special thank you to the nurses on the first floor and the 3-11 shift, my good friend Jean, my aide. God bless you all and until we meet again. PS-I thank the lovely lady that cared for me for the first 2 weeks on the 7-3 shift. "J.C.
    "This is my third time here!"Lisa M.
    "Special thanks to Eric Gonzalez to Clark & Shushana."M.R.
    "Keep up the Good work!"Diana J.
    "Numerous staff members are great on the 1st floor, Beatrice, Narang, Christine, and Housekeeping. "N.W.
    "The services provided were above our expectations. Thank You."D. M.
    "The staff is very attentive. "Rodney C.
    "I was here a few times before. This place was great. "M. Parsingh
    "My aide was great, she helped me all the time. "Vincent B.
    "People are nice, staff works hard. "Lena C.
    "Rehab was really good."F. Ciano
    "I was here before and liked it here, that's why I came back. "D.M.
    "So far so good. "Rolland C.
    "I found great appreciation from all members of the Grand. You should be very proud. "Karli M.
    "Thank you for your kindness. "R.B.
    "Everyone is helpful. "Manny M.
    "Rehab wonderful."S.P.
    "The facility was very clean. Staff was so nice. "Annamaria M.
    "Cameus the evening aid was very caring and attentive. The other aides were caring, too."M.O.
    "Cammeus (Cammy) is a wonderful aid. "V.A.
    "A wonderful staff, they all treated me with respect. I would come here again if I had to. "P.N.
    "The aides were kind and compassionate. Therapy was just wonderful, everyone there."Katie B.
    "Gibby, my aide, is very cheerful and helpful she goes above and beyond."Stanley T.
    "Nursing staff was wonderful"Maizy G.
    "I think the therapist here are outstanding!"K. Monroe
    "There are some phenomenal people on your staff. Gene is unbelievable. Jeremy, John and Ferdinand are amazing in rehab, because of them I fee like a human being again."James E.
    "This is the best of the best!"Mohammad G.
    "Physical therapy is very good, very caring, that is the best part of the grand."C. Weiss
    "Jeremy and Ferdinand were my saviors! The aides were fantastic especially Gene, and Nurse Jodi was great"J. D.
    "The morning aides were very good. Very nice offering guests lunch."Morty D.
    "The rehab was fantastic. "M. Rosenstein
    "The doctor was wonderful."Stanislaw C.
    "The staff is so welcoming, I'm happy with the food. The nurses are very accommodating. The physical therapy is more than a 5!"Liliana R.
    "The physical therapy was wonderful!"Maria E.