Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing differ from other nursing homes?

    In addition to your health, the comfort and accessibility of our guests is paramount at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing. Our skilled and attentive staff members offer round-the-clock assistance for both residents and their caretakers, which helps keep each facility running smoothly and happily. We offer state-of-the-art facilities for optimal recuperation, carefully curated entertaining and dining options, and contemporary indoor and outdoor layouts.

  2. What new services and amenities do you offer?

    All guests enjoy our 24-hour Concierge Service, free wi-fi access, cable television, iPads for entertainment and communication, a regularly updated events calendar, up-to-date fitness programs, and much more!

  3. How much more is the cost of residency at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing?

    Residency at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing can be covered by your Medicare, Medicaid or insurance company. We will work with you to minimize additional costs.

  4. When are visiting hours?

    All our facilities are fully accessible so please feel free to visit your loved ones! Speak to our Concierges who will be happy to arrange a time convenient for you.

  5. How do I keep in contact with my loved ones during their stay at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing?

    We encourage guests to keep in contact with all friends and family while at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing. Residents have access to phones and email, and our Concierges are always available to assist both you and your loved ones.

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