• "Staff treated me with kindness and respect."Alan H.
    "I felt that the physical therapy and the rehab team as a whole were one of the best and kindest that I ever came across. In general, all of the staff were very kind. I know it’s a tough job, but I really had a positive experience."Edward M.
    "Very friendly staff. Liked singing. Very satisfactory stay."Jay L.
    "Very thankful for PT. That team works together very well."Ned M.
    "Very high compliments for the PT team and the third floor staff!"Josephine O.
    "Physical therapy, activities and most nurses and aides were outstanding"Jonathan P.
    "The floor staff was great."Lori V.
    "Very satisfied with the care. This is the third time I have been a guest. This is the first and only choice if I need these services again. "E. Patterson
    "Everyone has been very kind and caring. When the Concierge came around it's like I made a new friend."Leslie H.
    "The nurses and CNAs were great. PT is excellent. "Debra W.
    "PT got me walking again."J.P.
    "Thought nurse Melissa and Carla were truly great. First night was very sad and CNA Ebony went out of her way to visit and orient me and made me feel really welcomed. Great work with Juanita and Lourdes. Michelle, unit manager, is great."E.D.
    "Really thought staff has been great. "Larry Koch
    "Very satisfied and appreciative. Mentioned Nurse Tony as being quite compassionate and professional. Has made great progress given a phase that concerned the family quite a bit. "Testimonial of A.Z. as told to Concierge
    "Very satisfied with staff and if she ever needed to return to a nursing facility she's hoping it could be here. "As relayed to the Concierge by resident R.B.
    "He is more than satisfied and will recommend this place 100%."As relayed to the Concierge by resident Steve Jennings
    "Picked this facility because we supply van for dialysis. The van drivers were very kind and excellent. Concierge was very helpful. "John M.
    "Very satisfied with the experience. Daughter and son-in-law present today and they were satisfied as well. The concierge is very kind and compassionate."As relayed to the Concierge by resident Carl P.
    "His surgeon praised the wound care received here. "As relayed to the Concierge by resident Gordon Brown
    "Wouldn't hesitate to return to The Grand if necessary."E.M.
    "It has been very pleasant here. "A.S.
    "Had very high praise for the facility. If there were any events or complaints they were quickly resolved. Staff very caring. "As relayed to the Concierge by mother of resident
    "Great compliments for aide Joyce. Very good experience overall. "Arianna S.
    "Everyone is nice. "Robbie C.
    "It's been great. "Richie M.
    "I enjoyed my stay. "T. Harrell
    "Thank you for being very nice to me. "Alison R.
    "This place was the best ever."Cassandra L.
    "I have to leave, I love this place and all the people"Maggie D.
    "I think the grand is ran very well management wise. The place is great, staff is great. "Daryl B.
    "Overall everything is good."N. King
    "The cleaning people are very good and when I ring the bell they come right away no complaints."G. F.
    "I was here 2 years ago, and decided to come back."Colleen P.
    "Overall the experience has been well. The nursing staff has been great and cleaning staff has been amazing (especially Ethan on the third floor), the best physical therapy I have ever received. I definitely plan on recommending anyone that needs physical therapy."R.Ohrenson
    "Great time and the staff service is great. Physical therapy department was amazing and I would recommend to anyone."S.Z.
    "Everything is going great. "Ed S.
    "The concierge here is great she is there whenever I need anything and connects me to the right people who make the changes to make my stay here better. Valerie in therapy is also great and her team is phenomenal. "F. F.
    "The best rehab that I have ever been in. The nurses, technicians and therapist are very professional and knowledgeable. A very hardworking team. The team showed significant concern for my needs. The concierge is very lovely and caring."R. Brand
    "The concierge made me feel so welcome and checks on me daily. Casey & Clara the CNAs on the third floor made me feel so welcome. The physical therapy here is the best that I have ever had. This facility is much better than the pines. "Joan H.
    "Everything is going well the place is very clean."F. S.
    "My stay has been good so far. Physical therapy has been the best thus far. "K.Q.
    "Over all my stay at the grand was very good. The physical therapy department was the best I have ever had Valerie and her team are excellent."Brenda C.
    "I am very pleased with the staff and this facility, the CNAs work very hard Casey, Juanita, Clara third floor are amazing. The food was great my mother enjoy it. Regina was excellent as well as Tabitha, and Morgan. Definitely great floor. The therapy department was fantastic I would recommend to anyone."A. Adams
    "Overall my stay here was good I felt very welcome by the staff especially the concierge who checked on me regularly and connected me to the right people I needed to talk to. Physical therapy is the best I have ever had I would definitely recommend this place for anyone in need of physical therapy."G. T.
    "The staff was great. "Dorothy G.
    "My stay here was very pleasant everyone was so nice the staff was great. The physical therapy department was fantastic I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in need for nursing home or rehabilitation. "J. Graham
    "My brother was here a couple years ago. Very satisfied with my stay here so far. "John C.
    "My stay has been good. The therapy sessions have been very valuable thus far. "Russ M.
    "Everything is going good staff is great. "C. Carter
    "Everything is going well so far. "Theresa C.
    "Everything is great so far. "B. Harmon
    "My stay here was wonderful the place is clean and well kept. The staff is great I am very pleased with the services I received at the grand."T. Melon
    "I have found therapy to be very valuable thus far. "Stuart D.
    "Everything is going good so far. "B. Smart
    "Everything is going good so far no complaints, everything has been going good."B. Tract
    "The staff is great and I feel that Therapy will be very useful."Greer D.
    "Everything is great the staff is great and physical therapy is the best. "Miriam D.
    "No concerns at this time therapy has been going great, definitely a better experience than the Pines which I have stayed at before. I would definitely come back should I ever need to."Joanne H.
    "My stay has been good thus far. "J. Ring
    "Everything has been good so far the therapy is very useful here. "Jean A.
    "I enjoyed my stay and everyone was so pleasant. "L. Smythe
    "I am going to miss all the nice people there and I am especially going to miss doing art with David. "V.S.
    "My stay here was excellent and the therapy team was amazing. "R. Schett
    "I am very appreciative of the nurses and aides that went above and beyond for me."E. Fuggiero
    "I enjoyed my stay at the Grand. All the staff were amazing and treated me like a queen. I wouldn't hesitate to come back if need be. "K. G.
    "Mr. McKinney stayed that he had a nice stay. The staff is friendly. Everyone went out their way to make sure he was satisfied. "T.M.
    "The Rehab department is excellent. "C. Tapia
    "I truly enjoyed my therapy sessions with RC (Rhea). She is a sweet young lady and very encouraging. She made me feel comfortable and pushed me to my full capacity. "Esmeralda M.
    "Appreciate all the nursing staff on the third floor especially Stephanie Torres."N.N.
    "Ms. Fiorello loved her stay and wishes that she can stay. She is thankful for Boomer (Daniel Rodriguez). Ms. Fiorello said the nursing staff is amazing. "C. Fiorello (as relayed to Concierge)
    "Ms. Soares would like to extend her love and gratitude to the following staff members. She is thankful for Daniel, Lonell & David in Recreation for always including her in all the events and activities on the calendar. Also, for going the extra mile to make her feel good. Ms. Soares would like to Thank Erica in Admissions for coming to visit her everyday and making she she was comfortable and had everything she needed. Ms. Soares would like to acknowledge the following CNA's and nurse for going a above and beyond to make sure her stay here was as pleasant and easy as possible. Special thank you to Stephanie Torres, Imani, Isabella and LaShawna. Thank you ladies and continue to be a blessing to others. Rehab department is GREAT and she will recommend everyone to come her for rehab."As relayed to Concierge by resident J.S.
    "Enjoyed being here with the staff at The Grand at River Valley. Would love to come back. "Pat R.
    "Resident stated that she was very satisfied with the level of care she received at The Grand at River Valley. She would like to thank Nurse Jessica and CNA Minnie for being amazing to her. She also appreciates all the PT staff and especially Gene and Beverly for working so wonderfully with her. "Karrie G. as relayed to Concierge
    "Really will miss the awesome people that make the Grand spectacular. Nichola, Rachael, Melanie, Pam, Denise, Lauren and Rich are Rockstars and Lindsey is a Superstar!!!"Len R.
    "Ms. Brannon states that while she was receiving rehab at River Valley she had no worries. She felt very safe here because of the staff."B. Brannon (as relayed to the concierge)
    "Enjoyed time here at River Valley and will miss staff. Happy to be leaving to be closer to husband."Mrs. Brown
    "I had to get adjusted. The staff here was very good to me. I will remember all of you who were good to me. "C. Sharappa
    "Mrs. Nelson stated that she loved her experience here. She truly enjoyed her therapy sessions. The CNAs and nurse were extremely pleasant and demonstrated a high level of patience when working with her. She is thankful for everyone that made her experience here so successful. "Tricia D. as relayed to concierge
    "Mr. G. stated that he enjoyed his stay here at The Grand at River Valley. Everyone was pleasant and he would recommend our facility to others."Darnell relayed to the concierge
    "Mr. Lamerson stated that he is very happy with the level of care that he has been receiving so far. "R. Lamberson as relayed to the concierge
    "All the staff here treated me good. I enjoyed my therapy sessions and all the activities I participated in."B. M.
    "Enjoyed experience here at River Valley. Blessed with good CNAs and nurses. "David R.