• "Working here is really an eye opening experience. I have heard horror stories about how some rehab centers don’t care about their patients and as a result, the patients never recover 100%. However, the opposite is true here. We do everything we can to ensure everyone has a speedy recovery and is taken care of. The Concierge Service is available 24/7 so if anyone ever needs anything, we are going to help them. Our guests are always in good hands. "Drew M.
    "I recommend this healthcare facility to anyone needing quality healthcare but doesn’t want to feel like 'just another patient.' These people are friendly and fun and the place is more comfortable than you can imagine. The added effort, from the decorations to the concierge, is certainly worth it. I can feel the difference, in the atmosphere and also in my health. Without the help of the lovely staff here, I wouldn’t have been able to successfully reach my health goals and I am very grateful for it. "Margaret W.
    "Very happy that they provided my family with transportation so they could visit me during my stay."Stacy McConnell
    "Was very skeptical at first but everything turned out great. I was very pleased with my stay. Everyone was very nice and helped me out a lot. "Brian Fischer
    "Staff is terrific and they all did a great job! I am going to miss them. "Danny Carrella
    "I thought that everyone bent over backwards to be nice. Staff was very encouraging and helpful."D. Bernstein
    "Very satisfied with therapy. They got my mother walking again so she was able to come home. "M. Tully
    "Everyone was very good. "Katherine O.
    "The staff is excellent. "Catherine Tomlinson
    "Very happy with the treatment and care of my mother. The staff was always helpful and kind."V. Dannano
    "Very pleased with the therapy department."Iris Kassoff
    "I enjoyed my stay."T.T.
    "Found therapy to be extra valuable. I would rate it a 10."Cara Benson
    "Enjoyed my stay. You have a wonderful team here."Jerry King
    "All of the people I met here are very nice. So compassionate and helpful."Liz D.
    "Everyone was very helpful. This was the best stay I have had at The Grand."L.L.
    "Very happy with my stay. The people here were all very nice."Jerry Tang
    "Staff was very kind and helpful. Enjoyed my stay."Anna Saltini
    "We were very satisfied with the care Rachel received at The Grand at Rome. The staff was very patient and kind. "R.A.
    "I was happy with my stay again. The therapy team is fantastic."B.H.
    "I was very happy with the therapy department. The staff was very nice and helpful. "Ben L.
    "The staff assisting E.R. from the DDSOO (Developmental Disabilities State Operations Offices) was very pleased with the care he received while he was here. They were all pleased with how kind and compassionate all of our staff members were. "Comments conveyed to the Concierge (resident E.R.)
    "My husband and I would highly recommend The Grand at Rome to anyone who is in need of rehab services. "Carl Mailer
    "We are very happy with the care that M. received at The Grand. As a family it was nice to see so many people helping my dad and finding a way to bring him home so we could let him pass with his own family by his side. The amount of compassion and care that the team at The Grand has shown us is outstanding. "Family of M.C.
    "It was great."J.B.
    "I was very happy with my stay at The Grand at Rome. I will be attending the day care program after I am discharged and am excited to be able to see everyone that helped me. "Shana H.
    "The Grand was a good place for me to transition while starting the dialysis program. The people were all very nice and helpful. "M.W.
    "I was happy with the care that my mother received during her stay."Abby O.
    "The workers at the Grand really do care about their patients comfort and well being."Elaine T.
    "I've been here before, that's why I chose to come back. "S.S.
    "The staff was excellent, they made my stay very enjoyable. The efforts that the staff went through for our anniversary was absolutely exceptional. We felt very special and it was very welcoming. "T. Corning